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Guitar Tuition

January 2013

Half hour lesson................ £15

One hour lesson................ £25
£15 each for two students.

See bottom of page for additional services

Playing guitar or bass guitar is really not as hard as you may think. Usually a little guidance from someone already able to play can take you a long way.
The popular myth is you need to be able to read music to be any good at playing. Well, that is not strictly the case, though itís well advised to learn music as you progress in your skills, but most people just want to learn enough to play a few songs for fun. thatís OK, because I believe playing guitar should be fun, Once you have mastered the basics you can choose to go on to more in depth lessons later. You could even work towards grading exams if you wish.
The Registry of Guitar Tutors, in association with London College of Music, provide a full range of graded examinations in electric, bass and acoustic guitar playing, all accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.
I can guide you through the exams for electric, acoustic and bass guitar.

Tuition available to students from the age of 10 years upwards

Half-hour lessons are ideal for the younger student, or students just starting the guitar, so can be structured as an introductory lesson. They are also valuable for advanced students wishing to go over a particular point of study.

One-hour lessons are recommended to the majority of students. This will allow them to cover more ground and maximise learning in the time available.
Lower rates are available for small group bookings

Terms and Conditions
I am ever keen to offer a continuous service to my students. To ensure I can be as fair as possible, these are the terms and conditions I have put in place. which are subject to change without notice:

All cancellations must be made with 48hrs notice to avoid charging.
Any lesson missed or cancelled same day will be charged for at next lesson.
I understand that other commitments sometimes come along and it is not always possible to make lessons. therefore charges will not be made if the lesson is rescheduled within the same week ending Sunday

Lessons are held only at my studio in Biddenden Kent, 6pm to 9pm week days 10am to 2pm Saturday,
I currently do not take lessons Sundays.

Additional Services:

Restring from £10 .....Fit new strings, check tuning and intonation

Service from £15 ......Fit new strings, check intonation. Oil fretboard, check and adjust neck, check and adjust bridge. Clean electric components.

Repairs.....................Advice and estimates can be given for all types of repair.

Guitar Hire only 50p a day or £12 per month .....Rarely available from tutors. A complete electric guitar package, including amplifier. (Minimum hire period one week, subject to availability. Refundable deposit of £70 will be required).

I am a full member of The Registry of Guitar Tutors.
Click on the RGT logo below to access their web site and find more information

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